Stained Glass Windows, Custom Stained Glass in Orlando, Florida

Beautiful artistic glass for your home

A modern affordable alternative to traditional stained glass for your home.

Alternative Stained Glass utilizes a unique process of combining glass, lead, multi layered films and bevels to create a stunning solid piece of decorative glass for your home. Our finished product has the same look and feel of traditional stained glass, but with the strength and insulation of a solid piece of safety glass. Each piece is custom designed and can be installed over, or in place of your existing glass.

We have access to literally thousands of colours and textures to create the perfect bespoke piece for your home. Alongside our wide selection of bevels and other embellishments, anything is possible. We can work to your strict instructions to recreate a cherished work of art, picture or photo, or work within your guidelines to create something truly unique. We are full of ideas and are truly proud of our work which can be seen in residences throughout the Orlando and Central Florida area.

Practical, hardwearing glass for your business

Ideal for any space requiring vibrant visual art; glass is a no brainer

Having worked with a number of commercial clients, we have a great deal of experience in working with the exacting demands of our business customers. We're proud to include Walt Disney World in our portfolio and provided a number of pieces visible in Magic Kingdom's Main St, along with the windows in the Cinderella Castle suite. Disney's Wedding Pavilion is amongst our most recent work. We've also completed work for Universal Studios.

Enhancing worship; Cathedral style windows, on a small church budget

Alternative Stained Glass has previously worked with a number of local churches and places of worship. Beautiful and bright inspiring colors bring an extra dimension and reinforce the celebration of worship. We have experience working across multiple religions and denominations, and can help advise and design windows based on significant events from the Gospel, wider Bible and Torah.

Reasons to choose Alternative Stained Glass

Alternative Stained Glass is an affordable alternative to traditional expensive stained glass. We create each and every individual piece of glass by hand, using hundreds of colors and textures of film. Each piece of glass is completed using real lead. Our glass offers you the look and exclusivity of stained glass, at a sensible price.

The Florida weather can be harsh on many materials and this includes the stains which are used in the creation of traditional stained glass. Unlike this old fashioned process, our variety of films and lead are manufactured to withstand both the punishing heat and UV damage common in the Florida sunshine. Our windows still look great years later. What's more, the film also creates an insulating layer keeping heat or cold on the right side of the wall.

Glass breakages can be dangerous to bystanders and in particularly children. The film and lead used in creating our glass acts as a safety feature. Where a normal window could break into jagged pieces and shards, our stained glass alternative stays stuck together. In fact, the film is so strong, that it can even slow down burglars, taking longer to smash and gain entry.

Own something truly original with a piece of glass from Alternative Stained Glass. Unlike a picture, our glass is functional and stands out beautifully in any environment. We work with you to create something truly unique and to your liking. Each piece is individually designed and hand-crafted meticulously.

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