Alternative Stained Glass
Alexandra Huggins, Decorative Glass Artist

Meet the Artist!

My name is Alexandra Huggins and Alternative Stained Glass is my company, and my passion.

Originally from England, I moved to Clermont in 2004 and the surrounding lakes and miles of trails are a perfect fit for me.

I started working with decorative glass over 14 years ago when my parents set up a Stained Glass Overlay (SGO) franchise. We installed a lot of designs all over Central Florida and survived the financial crisis, through which I worked a few extra jobs to get by. My parents returned to the UK in 2012, but i decided to  stay put in the Orlando area. 

Four years later in 2016, I decided to return to the business I know and love, and with the tremendous support of my wonderful husband Jamie, established ASG. We converted the garage into a studio, and I set about re-connecting with the various customers and folks I'd met over the years.

I truly love working with glass. It's a medium which allows imaginative use of color and is found everywhere. It can be such a transformative influence on a space and solve many design challenges. I'm always a little nervous when revealing work to new customers but so far, it's worked out every time.

The work I'm most proud of is the Walt Disney World Wedding Pavilion. It involved working very closely with the Disney Imagineers, and originally the glass was supposed to be temporary. Disney liked the glass so much, it became permanent. The project took over 3 months, huge amounts  of lead and film, and an incredible amount of organization.

When I'm not designing and creating glass, I really enjoy the outdoor life including a lot of hiking, cycling and of course travel. I've travelled to a lot of destinations within the USA, and also much further afield around Europe. Travel gives me a lot of inspiration for designs and food for thought.

Alexandra Huggins, Cherry Blossom
Alexandra Huggins Hiking