Alternative Stained Glass

Traditional stained glass style set of full length windows for Walt Disney World's Wedding Pavillion

Beautiful full length windows comprising of a classic diamond design embellished with bevels and a Cinderella Pumpkin Coach centerpiece.

Stained, colored & bevelled glass windows in Walt Disney World's Wedding Pavilion

A beautiful set of glass windows in the perfect location

I was contacted by the client, Walt Disney World to discuss the design, creation and installation of a large set of decorative glass windows in the Disney Wedding Pavilion.

At the time, renovation work was taking place at the large hotel adjacent to the pavilion and the imagineers wanted a way to obscure the view and protect guests from seeing construction work. Originally WDW intended to use the windows temporarily until the construction had finished. The magnitude of the project made alternative stained glass the obvious choice. The strength and energy efficiency of the solid, once piece construction were major deciding factors. 

I worked closely with the imagineers at Disney to come up with a set of designs to complement the wedding pavilion. Choice of colors were very important. I commissioned a completely bespoke set of bevels for the Cinderella Pumpkin Coach, which were manufactured especially for Disney. The end design was a traditional stained glass style, with a modern flare and color set.

The entire project encompassed 530 sq. ft. of glass area and  took around 3 months to complete. WDW were so happy with the end result that they decided to make the windows a permanent fixture.

Cinderella Pumpkin Coach bevel
Diamond and rectangular bevels
Complementary set of pastel colors