Alternative Stained Glass

Custom Designed Decorative Glass in Kitchen Cabinets

With almost limitless design options and variations, leaded glass has an appealing artisanal quality.

Custom Leaded Cabinet Glass

Kitchen cabinet glass brings elegance and style to any kitchen design. They add both form and functional appeal, allowing you to display decorative glass wear and cherished keepsakes. Glass cabinets create the illusion of depth that can make smaller spaces seem larger. 

Cabinet doors are the most visible part of your cabinetry and key factors in defining the style of the kitchen. With this is mind, i will work with you to create a design that is in keeping with the kitchen style and intended look. 

Each cabinet glass design is hand crafted and custom made to order; any shape, any design and any glass selection.  From simple to ornate, the design possibilities are endless. 

In most cases, your existing cabinet doors can be remodelled to create an opening for the glass inserts. 

If you're looking for privacy and to hide the contents of your cupboards, opt for opaque or heavily textured glass. Here, i used a white wash film to break up the flat white look of the cabinets, and antique gold lead both front and back match the kitchen hardware perfectly.