Alternative Stained Glass

Enjoy a trip down the rabbit hole! A selection of my work created for High-T in Downtown Orlando. 

I was contacted by the client, Bar None Creations, to discuss the design, creation and installation of a selection of art pieces and windows for a new Alice In Wonderland Theme bar in Downtown Orlando. The design outline was to fabricate bright, vibrant and totally original pieces for the space. 

After designs were finalised and fabrication complete, i worked with my usual reliable glass company, George's Glass and Window, to install the large exterior windows and bar pieces. 

The team behind this new concept is Elevated Bar Management, who also created other local themed bars such as Cocktails & Screams and 1-Up. Click the link at the bottom of this page  to make your reservation now at High-T. Be ready to immerse yourself in an interactive experience and get lost in wonderland! 

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The Red Queen's Lounge

Serving hatch window for the rooftop terrace.
Hookah lounge
Illuminated bar designs
Illuminated pillar artwork
Artwork ready for install
Red Queen & Mad Hatter
Red Queen pillar artwork
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