Alternative Stained Glass

Product Information & FAQS

There are many advantages to my product over traditional stained glass. The FAQs below try to cover the questions I'm frequently asked.


Unlike traditional stained glass, my method uses a single sheet of glass, therefore avoiding the building code requirements for stained glass to be sandwiched between panes of regular glass. In large pieces, the supporting bars that are seen with traditional stained glass, are simply not required.

What's more, the films and lead used add strength and integrity to the glass which could help against strong wind and small projectiles.

UV & Heat Resistant

All the films, paints and lead that I use to create stained glass style pieces are all rated against damage by UV light, and heat in the brutal Florida summers.

Furthermore, the UV filtering on the films will reduce the amount of UV light entering your home or building.

Color Consistency

Each and every color I use, can be used over and over again to ensure that there is complete consistency between panels of glass.

In the unfortunate event of a repair being required, you can rest assured that the colors used will match the original colors completely.

What's more, you can always add additional decorative glass panels at a later date, to match earlier installations.

Cost Effective

Due to the unique benefits of my product such as the lack of requirements for  sandwiching and support bars, and working with a single panel of glass, the overall cost is significantly lower than traditional stained glass.

Will the film peel, fade or chip?

Not at all, and I worked on projects dated back to 2004 that are still just as bright as they were when I created them.

Can you work with double glazing?

When it comes to double glazing there are two options available depending on where the piece is to be installed.

For privacy windows used in a bathroom for example, I always recommend installing decorative glass in front of the existing glass. This is a much simpler installation and the installed glass can be easily trimmed out to match the room.

For entry way door glass, sidelights and transoms where double glazing is required, I can work on a double glazed glass unit directly. I do this by opening up the unit and working on the the individual pieces. Once the design is complete, I then reassemble the unit using professional glass manufacture products to create a completely sealed unit. This process does take longer than a simple glass pane.

How strong is the glass?

Films and lead actually add strength to glass which could help localize a breakage, as the film and lead acts like a sort of web.

Is it possible to use tempered glass?

I frequently work with tempered glass and depending on the location of the installation, I may recommend that you select tempered glass. Although slightly more expensive, it is stronger and if broken, breaks in a safer way. Lead times on tempered glass can be longer if the panel sizes are not standard, due to the baking process.

How long does the process take?

This very much depends on 4 factors as follows:

  • The speed at which we agree on the final design.
    This can involve adjustments, color selection & selection of lead.
  • The time taken to get hold of the plain glass panels.
    Standard sizes are quicker than custom cut sizes. Tempered glass takes a bit longer.
  • The complexity of the design.
    Complex designs take longer to create. I have access to hundreds of colored films, and paints and many different types of lead. Uncommon specialist colors may take a bit longer.
  • Availability and access to installation.
    If you're eager to have your finished glass installed as soon as possible, please be as flexible as you can, with access.
Creating beautiful glass is my absolute passion and I'm always eager to start on a project at the earliest opportunity. At times, I do have multiples projects on, but optimize my time very efficiently.
How many colors can you use?

I use over 300 different colors and textures of film and 100 colors of paint. For the final creation, the color combinations really are endless.

What types of bevels are available?

I can procure thousands of bevel designs including:

  •  Iconic & modern shapes
  • Colored & Dichroic bevels
  • Numbers & letters
  • Jewels & Gems
  • Religious Icons

I also work with custom bevels which can be designed to your exact requirements.

Are you able to work with plastic acrylics, or perspex?

I thoroughly enjoy working with glass for it's properties of light medium, opacity and reflection. Glass would be my first choice for every project and comprises 99% of the work I do. Examples of working with plastics can be ceiling mounted down-facing panels and skylights.

However in the event that a plastic material is required, for safety reasons for example, I am happy to work with it to fulfill your requirements. I can supply a full range of different grades of acrylic and perspex in varying thickness and quality. Please note that it takes me slightly longer to work with these materials as I need to take extra precautions to avoid scratches.

Is your work similar to SGO (Stained Glass Overlay)?

My work shares many similarities with SGO, however I also use paint and other techniques to get the final result. I have novel techniques for working with double glazed units.

I worked for a licensed SGO franchise for just over 6 years.

Are you able to trim out installation, adjust tiling and flooring?

I regularly work with both a talented upscale tiler, and  a carpenter. I am able to organize trimming and tiling adjustments as part of the project on a per application cost basis. I've been involved in some large high-end renovation and interior design projects and I have access to a network of talented craftsmen and contractors.

Do you provide a guarantee or warranty?

All the materials used in the creation of my decorative glass have a manufacturer warranty of 10 years. Furthermore, I guarantee the workmanship for 10 years as well. Any repairs required outside this period will be made on a best effort basis.

Do you offer stained glass classes?

Unfortunately I do not offer stained glass classes at this time, and currently have no plans to do so in the future.

Are you able to repair existing traditional stained glass or Tiffany lamps?

Unfortunately I'm not able to offer a repair service on existing traditional stained glass products.

If your existing stained glass window is badly damaged, it may be cheaper to replace it. I can reproduce existing pieces with faithful color matches and a high level of integrity.

Which cities / areas do you work in?

So far I have worked with clients in:


Altamonte Springs


Azalea Park

Baldwin Park





Doctor Philips






Lake Butler

Lake Mary



Mt Dora







Winter Garden

Winter Park

I have also worked out of state, on specialist larger projects.

The main areas in which I work are the cities across the Central Florida region, but I'm happy to travel further afield if the project is of a reasonable size.

How much does it cost?

I quote for each individual project based on the size of the panel, the complexity of the design to work out the amount of time that will be involved, and also the cost of any materials used; such as films, paint, bevels, lead; and finally the complexity of the installation.

I have a minimum project charge of $250.