Alternative Stained Glass

The Jerome Hotel Tradition Stained Glass Style Icon

A faithful reproduction of a famous sign. which sat over the bar in the Jerome Hotel, Aspen

Glass design of vibrant unicorn in door entryway

An important stained glass memento of romance and marriage

My clients, a retired married couple, took their engagement many years ago, in the Jerome Hotel in Aspen CO. Prior to it's recent renovation, the hotel had a large piece of stained glass which was situated above the bar. I'm told the glass was there for decades.

Many years after, my clients came across a replica piece which they decided to adopt, and hung up in their house. The glass remained in place and stayed with them across multiple properties. Earlier in 2018, sadly the glass fell from the suspended position, hit the floor and shattered.

My client contacted me to find out what the options were. In the end, we agreed on a replica piece on a single glass pane, tempered for safety, and set in the original frame, with upgraded mountings.

I reproduced the piece using films, paint and lead, extremely accurately. I hand-stained the frame to match the woodwork and furniture in the client's house, and set the glass in it. Finally with the help of my team members, we suspended the glass from the ceiling (with significantly upgraded fixtures and fittings). The result is a faithful representation of a historic work of art.

The installation required a lot of care and attention to detail. We weren't taking any chances.