Alternative Stained Glass

Illuminated decorative glass light box in a Christian stained glass theme

A large & vibrant celebration of Christianity, presented in a moveable light box and situated in front of the baptismal font

Christian stained glass light box at Winter Garden Baptist Church

A rewarding project with beautiful artwork and a truly unique installation

The clients at Winter Garden Baptist Church contacted me with a very unique requirement.

The baptismal font is situated to the center of the altar and recessed, with a window shaped opening above water level. Originally, this gap had been covered with a piece of art created by one of the pastors at the church. The pastors wanted to explore the possibility of having the original design transposed into a glass medium. There was also an existing piece of blank glass underneath which also needed replacing to match.

Working closely with the clients, I worked on a set of colors to complement the existing stained glass in the church, which itself is over 130 years old. This level of detail involved comparing each individual color to the existing windows. The pastors were a lot of fun to work with and were also of an artistic nature.

After the design was finalized and created, I worked closely with my usual reliable local contractors to create a wooden box to hold the glass. As there was no natural light source, LED lighting was installed inside the box allowing the glass to be illuminated. This was controllable by a remote, and at a wall switch. Finally, the box was mounted to a ceiling-mounted rail, allowing it to be move back and forth, when the baptismal font was in use.

I'm very proud of this project which has had overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Stained Glass light box in front of baptismal font
INRI, King of the Jews stained glass
Alexandra Huggins with work at Winter Garden Baptist Church
The artist herself